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We want to celebrate spring!

Make a new booking in September or October, and then send us an email asking for the spring special, and we will take 10% off the daily hire rate (not any extras). Cheap hires in Christchurch and Queenstown should put a spring in your step!

Affordable Car Rentals, based in Christchurch, has a fleet of affordable cars that are reliable and at prices to suit all people, including backpackers.

Why rent a vehicle from us?

  • Short term hires welcomed, even for one day, except in Queenstown
  • Flexible customer service
  • Accept all licensed drivers from 18 years and over
  • Vehicles are well maintained and reliable
  • Accommodate after hour requirements without huge fees
  • One-way hires may be possible
Affordable Car Rentals offers a flexible service that includes free pick ups for all hires over 3 days duration from anywhere on the west side of the city (i.e CBD to the airport) during business hours. As well as our bases at the airport and in Riccarton, the new heart of Christchurch City, we can now also offer 4WD and car rentals from Queenstown. One way hires may also be possible.